Vehicle Wrap FAQ Section
  • Q: How much does a full wrap cost?

  • A: A full wrap on vehicle will vary depending on the size and curvature of each vehicle. We wrap almost anything so the price of an RV wont be anywhere close to the price of a Honda Civic due to material and labor costs. An average cost for a full wrap on a car is around $2000.

  • Q: Is the vehicle wrap easy to remove?

  • A: Yes. The vehicle wrapping film uses high quality adhesives and can be removed relatively easy within 5 years of the installation.

  • Q: How long will a wrap last?

  • A: A professionally installed wrap will last between 3 and 5 years.

  • Q: Do I have to pay someone to take off the wrap?

  • A: No. It is not difficult to take off a wrap with in the 5 year mark. If you call us we can walk you through the easy process with no cost associated except some of your time.

  • Q: Will wrapping my vehicle damage it?

  • A: No. Applying wrap to any vehicle will actually protect the paint from any road hazards such as rocks, abrasions, and UV rays. That being said, if the paint is already damaged by rust, chips, abrasions, or paint spots... It may pull loose the paint off with it in those areas.

  • Q: Do I have to wrap the entire vehicle?

  • A: No. There are many different wrap types including partial wraps, half wraps, and lettering. We also do just windows if you want a very inexpensive way to advertise for your company, team, school, or church. As much or as little as you need to fit your budget.

  • Q: What are the benefits of wrapping my vehicle?

  • A: Vehicle wrapping vinyl can easily be removed so you can protect your paint, change your color of your car, and restore it to its original color without losing value. Many companies lease vehicles and then have them wrapped for advertisement and when the lease is over, they simply remove the wrap and the car is just like new.

Poster FAQ section
  • Q: What are the posters made out of?

  • A: 6mil Indoor/outdoor poster paper. Wet strength paper with smooth surface for excellent ink adhesion. Ideal for POP displays, trade show graphics, promotional signage, wall coverings, and outdoor backlit.

Banner FAQ Section
  • Q: What kind of banners do you offer?

  • A: We offer Gloss and Matte Banner that is 13oz weight and a Mesh Banner at 8oz weight.

  • Q: What are the differences?

  • A: Mesh Banners are great for outdoor windy environments. This type of material lets the wind pass right through providing less pull on whatever stand you decide to put it on. The only difference between Matte and Gloss is the amount of glare you get. Gloss is more vibrant with color but it does have more glare.

Canvas Faq section
  • Coming soon!